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Ihsan Scouts is a Muslim scouts group affiliated with Scouts Canada. We implement their program in a way that is suitable to the Muslim community. Our scouts program is designed primarily to develop the character of youth and provide them with fun outdoor adventures, in an Islamic atmosphere in order to build the youth to be capable, confident and well-rounded individuals, better prepared for success in the world.

Our program is delivered on a weekly basis, 2 hours every Sunday as follow:

Three Sundays a month we dedicate to team building games with the youth that teach them teamwork & leadership skills, or we play games to teach them survival skills such as using a compass, tying knots, starting a fire...

The fourth Sunday in the month we provide an outdoor adventure and an atmosphere to discover new things and experiences youth would not discover elsewhere. Youth participate in all sorts of activities suitable to their age. Programs are built around a variety of activities, such as: camping, horseback riding, scuba diving, rock-climbing, fishing... and more. Adventures are less challenging for younger kids; they include nature walks, hikes, canoeing, crafts, sports, and of course camping.

Occasionally, youth participate in the development of society, with recognition and respect for the dignity of one’s fellow being and for the integrity of the natural world. This provides youth the chance to understand the issues that exist in the society and lets them feel they are making a change through their direct involvement in activities such as: tree planting, food drives, and in helping seniors.

Pictures from our previous activities:
Gatineau Park Hike
Scouts Weekly Sessions
Omega Safari Park Trip
Zip lining at Laflèche Aerial Park
The Amazing Race in Montreal

Time & Location:
Currently activities are held at Jami Omar, in the gym on Sundays 3-5 pm, 3 times a month. The location of the monthly outdoor adventures depends on the type of the adventure

The program welcomes all brothers and sisters between the ages of 5 – 13.
The membership is annual following the academic calendar from September 1st, 2016 until August 31, 2017.
The annual membership fee for new youth under 18 is $240 per child paid at once.
The membership fee for new youth under 18 is $170 for the period from now until August 31st, 2017.
The membership fee covers the 2-hour weekly sessions. Last year we ran 46 sessions throughout the year, we only took breaks during Ramadan, Eids and New Year.
In addition to the membership fee, you should expect a monthly outdoor adventure fee, averaging $20 per child, which is optional if they choose to participate in the adventure.
Our Scouts program qualifies for Ontario’s Children's Activity Tax Credit.
To enroll, please pre-register at this link.

For inquiries please contact the following Scouters:
To register contact Amir Ammar at 613-415-9419
For program inquiries contact Safinaz El-Solh at 613-867-5374
To volunteer contact Mohammed Elbadri at 613-262-2021

Volunteer With Us:
Excited? Join us to make a difference in the life of the youth and get free or discounted tickets to our monthly adventures, free training, free uniform, and more... The time commitment for volunteers is flexible. It depends on the volunteer, some can do it most Sundays, others are students and come once or twice a month. To volunteer please sign up here.

Scouts Canada:
It is the nation’s leading youth organization established over 100 years ago in 1907, with over 100,000 active members. Scouts Canada shares with us their manuals, policies and procedures of dealing with clients and managing volunteers which helps us learn from their experience. In addition, we have access to Scouts Canada facilities and camp sites on discounted rates and we are covered by their insurance policy. This partnership helps Ihsan Scouts Ottawa survive but we need your support to thrive!

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