Services For People With Disabilities

Our activities include workshops to teach people with disabilities life skills they need on daily basis, such as literacy, computer skills, cooking, in order to help them live independently without supervision or assistance. We also organize social outings such as trips to museums, Winterlude, picnics, bowling, etc.. for individuals with disabilities and their families. Occasionally, we have the social gathering in a gym to play games selected by the individuals with disabilities.

What’s special about you and your services?
It is done in an Islamic atmosphere delivering the activities in a way sensitive to the culture and values of the Muslim community. In addition, our activities include Islamic content which is missing at mainstream organizations, such as stories of the profits and reading Quran.

What’s the importance and benefits of the services?
In addition to the life skills training and the Islamic content of our program; Ihsan disabilities program gets people with disabilities out of their isolation and gets them involved; helps them feel that they are part of the community and helps them feel that they are not difference than other people.
The Islamic atmosphere encourages families to bring their loved ones to socialize and make friends. Our program provides people with disabilities a safe way to improve their physical and mental health without the fear of being abused. Ihsan disabilities program is delivered in a joy and fun approach where people with disabilities can have quality time and entertainment.

How many people need it or would benefit from it?
Our services are for all ages and all different types of disabilities, mental and physical. We surveyed the Muslim community in Ottawa and found that just fewer than 4% of Muslims are living with disabilities. This is around 4000 Muslims that require our support.

How much do people need it? What do we miss if we don’t have it?
Parents of members with disabilities are always concerned of what would happen to the disabled member after the parents pass away. Our services are imperative to help Muslims with disabilities develop the skills required for them to be able to take care of themselves and be independent and self-sufficient. The lack of activities for people with disabilities keep them isolated falling victims of depression, antisocial behaviours and other mental issues.

What are the benefits for us from partnering with Somerset West Community Health Centre?
As part of SWCHC mandate that is “everyone matters”, it is important to SWCHC that people with disabilities are given the opportunity to participate in social activities, improve their quality of life, learn and improve their life skills, and get introduced to services available for them just as they care for anyone else in the community.
SWCHC shares with us their procedures of dealing with clients and managing volunteers which helps us learn from their experience. In addition, SWCHC covers a portion of Ihsan disabilities program to help it survive and we need your support to thrive.

Do you screen and train volunteers before they volunteer?
We make sure that volunteers pass police record check for vulnerable sector, pass reference check and are interviewed before they start volunteering to provide safe environment for our people. Volunteers have to take accessibility training to provide them with the skills they need to deal with people with disabilities.

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