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“Ihsan” is an Arabic word which has two meanings; philanthropy and excellence. Ihsan Community Services is a federally registered non-profit organization that aims to provide high quality social services with exceptional customer service and treatment to its clients; and to provide an exceptional appreciation to its staff, volunteers and donors.

The goal of Ihsan Community Services is to build and develop the capacity of the individual and the community at large by delivering social services that empowers community members to become independent and self-sufficient in order for them to realize their full potential.

Our purpose is to provide various local community services, such as: Social services geared toward youth, women, seniors, etc; Educational services; Healthcare services; and Community economic development services such as employment services and businesses that may help finance the organization while offering business skills and work experience for marginalized segments of the population.

Many of the services provided by mainstream organizations aren’t sensitive to the values and culture of the Muslim community. Our services are tailored to address the needs of the Muslim community, without the exclusion of non-Muslims. We provide an Islamic atmosphere delivering our programs in accordance to the values of the Muslim community. However, we have no religious ideologies or political affiliations and we provide minimal Islamic education to avoid the perception of affiliation with specific groups in order to create an inclusive atmosphere where all Muslims feel welcome.

We currently have two services; a service for people with disabilities and a scouts group for the youth. We implement our programs in partnerships with well-established and respected organizations, such as Scouts Canada and Somerset West Community Health Centre, in order to benefit from and build on their experience and professionalism in implementing our programs and to increase the chances of our success.


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